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The History of DayoSense

DayoSense started off with a dream or more so, a feeling of necessity in the heart of Chef Dayo ("Dah-yo") Edwards. Chef Dayo was born and raised in Seattle, Washington surrounded by her large Seattle-based family and a plethora of lifelong friends. Life was always filled with support, fun, laughter and of course, holidays were filled with great family cooks parading their famous dishes. Platters of soul food filled the tables with color and the aroma filled everyone’s noses with warmth and peacefulness.

As she got older she started noticing the emotional impact that people have when they don’t have the feeling of family around them. She had empathy for those fellow schoolmates, sorority sisters, and church members whose moms and dads were out of state. Chef Dayo tried her best to invite as many “transplants” (people who moved to Seattle for school or a job) to her family’s dinners and picnics to cheer them up.

Chef Dayo definitely has a love for the art of cooking, but first and foremost she has a love for giving people a sense of family and comfort in this sometimes cold and rainy city.

Hence, the birth of DayoSense. It started as a place on Beacon Hill where you can get a great warm meal once a week and join a "family" of over 30 people. Now it has grown to serve thousands of comfort meals for all types of events big and small.

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