(Part Time 5-20hrs/week, On-Call)

Banquet servers perform set-up, serving, tear down duties at events. They must be able to stand and walk briskly for an extended period of time while accommodating guests effectively and politely. There are no education requirements. Experience in waitstaff/foodservice/customer service along with valid Washington Driver’s License and car is a plus.

Banquet Server Job Description
Employed by DayoSense, banquet servers are roaming non-standard waiters and waitresses. In a typical restaurant setting, the wait staff will have tables they are assigned to cover, but banquet servers are responsible for transporting food and equipment, setting up food and equipment, accommodating all guests at a function, cleaning up, and tearing down equipment.

Duties of a Banquet Server
Banquet servers transport, set up for events, carry trays, serve guests and clean up at the event's conclusion. Set up can include putting out tablecloths and place settings, arranging table placement and putting up a buffet. A banquet server's duties during the event can vary based on the situation, but, in general, they must be able to focus on the job while staying on their feet and moving about quickly and freely, which can include bending, climbing stairs and carrying items weighing 25-50 pounds. Good communication is important. Being able to work well under stress, due to time constraints, clients’ observations, and last minute logistical changes, is also important. The willingness to follow directions efficiently, presenting a positive, supportive attitude and being able to meet the physical demands of the job are all essential attributes.

Banquet servers must adhere to health and safety standards at all times, even when closing down at the end of the event, which may include breaking down the table set up and stacking chairs.

Requirements for a Banquet Server
Customer service, food serving, and/ or waiter experience is a good foundation for a job as a banquet server. While no official degree or training is required, we prefer to hire someone with a high school diploma or GED certificate. Having your own car is also not required but a preference.

A banquet server must have a valid Washington State Drivers License, and be able to perform the duties of the job without difficulty, in addition to being courteous and attentive to guests during a function.

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