(Part Time 5-20hrs/week, On-Call)

The Loading Lead gives load/unload support at for Purchasing, at Catering Kitchen, and/or on Job Site. They must be able to be Self Thinkers, and work efficiently within time constraints. There are no education requirements. Experience easily lifting 40+lbs, valid Washington Driver’s License and car, and flexible schedule are a plus.

Duties of the Loading Lead
Loading Lead duties are usually on weekday mornings or early afternoons. Duties range between loading/unloading groceries, loading/unloading equipment in the catering kitchen, loading/unloading rental equipment during a catering job. Being good at Space Organization is important. Being able to work well under time constraints is also important. Ability to being a Self-Manager/Thinker, presenting a positive, supportive attitude and being able to meet the physical demands of the job are all essential attributes. The Loading Lead Environment is a non-stressful environment, yet you will need to be goal oriented.

Requirements for a Loading Lead

  • 21+ years old
  • Can easily lift 40+lbs ongoing
  • Has own transportation
  • Great Time Management
  • Detail Oriented/Efficient
  • Good Attitude
  • Not “Accident Prone”
The Loading Lead will be given the opportunity to accept/decline being involved with Loading Days and Time. Schedules will be texted at the beginning of each month. It is important that the Loading Lead show up to the desired location on time and ready to work on days they are scheduled to work. Ready to work means wearing both comfortable loading clothes (all black, if you are loading on-site) and a great attitude to carry out the tasks to a successful completion.

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