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DayoSense "Overflow" Text Program

In the food industry, there are times when we have food items in our inventory that we won't use, have purchased more product than we need, and or have left over food from a catering job. It is said that we Americans throw away over half of the foods we purchase or put on our plates. We at DayoSense no longer want to mindlessly waste things that could be a Blessing to others. Through our "Overflow" Text Program, those in our community whom are in constant need of food or supplies can feel supported by receiving a text letting them know what Overflow foods/supplies are available for them to have. One day it may be a small bag of cherry tomatoes and sliced cucumbers, another day may be mini quiche and macaroni and cheese. Our hope is that it all goes to families to help create a healthy meal. It takes a Village...

Please complete the form below to be added to our Overflow Text Program list.

*Disclaimer: Food and supplies are portioned out and given based on Overflow availability and need. This is to the discretion of Chef Dayo Edwards.

*All Overflow items will be properly stored based on Dept. of Public Health regulations

Please email me at dayo@dayosense.com for more information

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